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Use benchmarks to compare your results against industry averages

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When you use benchmarks, you’re measuring one set of data against another. And in the case of SurveyMonkey Benchmarks, you’re comparing the survey results you collect from employees, customers, event attendees, or students with survey results from other SurveyMonkey customers–or against similar organizations in your industry, region, or company size. That way, you get the context you need to:

  • Assess your performance accurately
  • Compare yourself to industry leaders
  • Set realistic goals
  • Make targeted improvements

Why? Think about the last time you sent a survey and looked at the results. If you ask your customers, “How satisfied are you with our customer service?” and 74% say “Extremely Satisfied,” how do you know whether that’s good or bad?

You could compare that percentage against your past survey results to see if you’re improving. But if you knew that if 91% of your competitor’s customers say they’re “Extremely Satisfied,” you’d start to make some major changes to catch up.

Use certain SurveyMonkey survey templates to benchmark the data that are vital to your organization’s growth, from customer satisfaction to employee engagement.

Check out our full list of benchmarkable survey templates, and see how our benchmarks work, here.

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Until now, benchmarking data was prohibitively expensive or simply wasn’t available. Traditional market research methods, along with purchasing competitive data, are time-consuming and costly. But a one-year subscription to SurveyMonkey Benchmarks costs a fraction of most of the data sold by other companies.

Our straightforward pricing is based on the types of surveys you create. And the customized reports you can create using our Analyze tool help you pinpoint where you’re under (and over) performing.


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