Gather feedback in your app with the SurveyMonkey mobile SDK

Add a survey to your app quickly and easily with our mobile SDK for iOS and Android. Download the free SDK from Github.

Mobile app

Integrate surveys right into your mobile app.

  • Get more responses by simplifying the experience
  • Capture feedback when the experience is fresh
  • Gather real-time data to quickly identify opportunities and make improvements

Use the mobile SDK to quickly create and deploy surveys.

  • Set up only takes minutes
  • Create and deploy surveys quickly
  • Create your survey from scratch, customize it to match your brand, or use one of our expert-certified templates
  • Edit as needed with immediate updates in your app
Sample survey
App feedback

Encourage more feedback from customers.

  • Set intervals for when in-app surveys are shown
  • Trigger surveys based on user actions
  • Prompt users to leave reviews in the app store
  • Activate rewards, offers, or other actions and messages based on survey responses

Makes it easy to collect and respond to in-app feedback

Set-up can be done in under 15 minutes

Improves the in-app experience for customers


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Download the free SDK from GitHub