Template for assessing corporate response to events

Make complicated decisions about public response to current events quickly and confidently.

When the world changes, you want to change with it. For companies and other organizations, that often means putting a stake in the ground with a public statement. But the stakes can be high—some issues are sensitive, some are so crowded that you’d never stand out, some are critical inflection points for your audiences’ thinking and decision making. If you’re going to invest time, energy, and audience attention, you want to make it count. That’s where this survey can help.*

These criteria, assembled by our internal experts in corporate policy and social impact, help you make clear decisions about which events in the news you ought to weigh in on and which you might want to avoid.

It takes into consideration things like employee sentiment and industry trends, as well as potential business impact and actionability (through call to action, petition, donation drive, etc.).

A simple points system makes it easier to make decisions quickly and prioritize the events that are most closely connected to your organization—though we should note that this rubric is a starting point only. Make the decision that most closely aligns with your organization’s values—but do it with data at your disposal.

*Although, we should note that the first step to ensure your company’s messaging is aligned with your values is to have a larger diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy that helps to guide your response and approach.

Example Scoring Key
30-40: Automatically initiate discussion about response (e.g. Internal and/or external communication, financial response, in-kind donations).

21-29: Continue evaluating event and reassess criteria at least every 12 hours for 48 hours.

10-20: No response.

Vi har många kraftfulla funktioner för att hjälpa dig att skicka ut enkäter snabbt – här är våra mest populära funktioner för nya användare.

Färdiga teman, tillgängliga färgpaletter, anpassade teckensnitt, varumärkning med mera.

Se funktioner

Samla in enkätsvar via e-post, webbplats, sms, sociala medier, QR-koder, offline med mera.

Utforska enkäter

Automatiska resultatsammanfattningar, filter, anpassade instrumentpaneler, korstabeller, textanalys med mera.

Läs mer

Läs om våra kunder, titta igenom webbseminarier och läs guider om hur du samlar in feedback inom din bransch.

Utforska resurser

Få tips om hur du skapar bättre enkäter, läs de senaste produktnyheterna eller kolla in vår forskning.

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Se självstudier om hur funktioner fungerar, ta reda på mer om fakturering och kontakta kundtjänst.

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