Zenarate Testing
Zenarate Testing
Enables Zenarate users to be tested on their comprehension of training content and provides performance reporting to managers

App Details

3 Quizzes are attached to one or more training topics and integrated into user assignments
3 Quizzes are presented to users only after they have viewed the required content
3 Managers can quickly determine areas where individuals need improvement
3 Managers can evaluate areas where the training program is in need of improvement

Zenarate is used by companies with large call centers to empower agents and collectors to provide a consistent and compliant customer experience across all call centers and agencies. The Zenarate App enables training and operational managers to evaluate employees’ comprehension of presented content and to document performance. The use of Zenarate with the Zenarate testing app reduces training time, improves speed to competency, reduces compliance infractions, and increases employee retention rates.