Thank you for your interest in becoming a Junior Rapporteur for the 2019 World Water Week.

To be part of the selection process, all the requested information below need to be submitted before 14 April, 2019.

Please note that only candidates 18-35 years of age will be considered for the positions as junior rapporteurs.

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* 1. The role of the rapporteur

The theme of the 2019 World Water Week is "Water for society - including all". The aim of the reporting from the Week is to extract and distil cross-cutting and future-oriented knowledge and know how that emanates from World Water Week. This is to be communicated to participants that could not attend all sessions, actors who could not be part of World Water Week and potential future attendees.

The main messages found will be presented during the Closing Plenary session on Friday 30 August, in the Overarching Conclusions published after the Week as well as in social media during and after World Water Week. The reporting will also feed into international processes on science and policy development.

Being a World Water Week Rapporteur is a time-consuming, yet rewarding and hugely important assignment. The task for the Junior Rapporteurs is to capture the essence of the discussions that takes place in the sessions of World Water Week and to draw conclusions of strategic interest for an audience of experts, professionals and policy-makers. The rapporteurs need to cover all presentations made during World Water Week.

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* 2. We welcome applications from all corners of the world. While we can cover costs for registration, lunch and plenty of learning and networking opportunities, we are unable to cover costs for travel to/from Stockholm or accommodation during your stay here.

SIWI offers a very limited amount of financial support to some participants actively involved in World Water Week from low and middle income countries, forgotten stakeholders or sectors and young professionals. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that participants seek financial support from other sources.

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* 3. Using your personal information
Personal information that you supply to us may be used for the following purposes:

· In the review and selection process.
· To contact you with information regarding acceptance or rejection.
· If accepted we will contact you with further information related to your participation.
· To follow up on outcomes after World Water Week with a survey.

Stockholm International Water Institute is the controller of the personal data. We will not disclose personal information to anyone outside SIWI except if required to do so by law.

You have the right to request information concerning personal data about you that is processed by SIWI. To receive this information, you must submit a signed request to SIWI by mail to the address indicated below. You are also entitled to request correction, blocking or erasure of data if you believe that SIWI has processed your personal data incorrectly.

For further information on your rights, how your information is used and how we maintain the security of your information, please contact SIWI at or write to the address below.

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