This survey is a part of one of six thematic projects connected to the European Rural Parliament, which is a campaign aimed at expressing the voice of rural people in Europe. Please read more here:
If you have any questions concerning the survey, please contact project leader Josefin Heed from the Swedish rural movement Hela Sverige ska leva, at
What is the purpose of this survey?
In this survey we aim at gathering examples, experiences and knowledge on how rural citizens work with welcoming refugees and migrants, and how this work could be further supported by society. There is much potential for rural Europe in succeeding with welcoming refugees and migrants. The rural movements in Europe are doing a lot of interesting work in this area, which we now want to gather and learn from. 

Who should answer this survey?
Any rural citizen who are or have been actively involved in activities aiming at welcoming refugees and migrants.

What will happen with my answers?
Your answers will be analysed and form a basis for a report that will be an important part of the decisions made at the European Rural Parliament in Venhorst, Netherlands 19-21 of October. You will get a digital copy of the report sent to your e-mail. 

* 1. Name

* 2. Age

* 3. Gender

* 4. Organisation

* 5. Province or region

* 7. E-mail

* 8. How long have you been active in welcoming migrants and refugees in your rural area?

* 9. Why did you get engaged in welcoming migrants and/or refugees in your rural area?

* 10. What was your first step to get involved? What did you do? Who did you contact?

* 11. What focus areas does your work with integration of migrants and refugees in your rural area include?

* 12. Please describe briefly the activities and work that you do.

* 13. Are there any obstacles and challenges that you face in your work with integration of migrants and refugees?

* 14. What would you need in terms of support from society in order to increase your capacity to welcome migrants and/or refugees to your rural area?

* 15. What is your best advice for successful voluntary work with integration of migrants and refugees in rural areas?

* 16. Could you please provide us with e-mail addresses to any refugees or migrants in your rural area that we could send a similar survey to?

* 17. Can we contact you via e-mail if we have any further questions?