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Registration without personal identification

Through this link, you are able to make an anonymous report with protection in accordance to the Whistleblower Act if you experience or suspect that there are irregularities in the company Efva Attling Stockholm AB.

The misconduct must be of such a nature that the company violates the law.

The purpose of  whistleblower Act is to protect employees, jobseekers, self-employed persons, suppliers, volunteers, trainees, persons who are part of a company's administrative and management body and shareholders who are active in the company.

The protection applies before the reporting persons have started in an activity, during and after they have stopped if they received information during the time they were active.

When you report through this survey, you will be anonymous
and we can not reach out to you in the matter but we will review your report and make an assessment of whether or not we can use your application to proceed.

If you would rather be identifiable and get feedback, you need to use the other whistleblower link.

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* 1. State the basis for your report of misconduct

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* 2. Describe your matter

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