Interested in a custom honeycomb grill set for the 9-3 2008+ ?

So it's simple, I have created a set for the Saab 9-3 2008+. Or as others might know it as the facelift version (Gen 3, etc)
I need answers to a couple of questions to know if I'm going to invest in making these for public or not.
This means it's the middle piece + the 2 outer pieces on both sides.

To answer a few questions for you here's a FAQ.

1. How? : It will be 3D printed as it looks like right now.
2. What material? : ABS+ plastic.
3. Colour? : Black, atleast for now.
4. Can I put something else in the middle except for the Saab-wing thing? : Yes, if this goes well, you can have your Name, company logo or something else.
5. Buildtime? : It has been calculated to one set per 3-4 days. But this can vary.
6. So a long waiting list? : Maybe at start.. But If I can afford another machine, there will be 2 sets every 3-4 days.
7. How many do you require for starting production? : I don't know really, maybe 30-40 sets.

Every piece will probably also have a serialnumber on it, no fancy pancy 20-digits. Just a simple 1, or 2.. etc.

Question Title

* 1. Are you interested in buying a honeycomb grill set?

Question Title

* 2. Do you own a 9-3 2008+ model? Or a facelifted one?

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