Professional Development Needs in the WIL Community

Thank you for participating in this survey.  The results will help inform new professional development opportunities in work-integrated learning (WIL; cooperative education, work placements, internships, sandwich courses, work-based projects, etc), and outcomes will be shared with the participating national associations and disseminated at the WACE 2018 International Research Symposiums.

The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.  Your participation is completely anonymous, we will not be able to identify you nor will you be identifiable when results are reported.  By submitting the survey you provide us permission to use your responses.  You are free to withdraw at any point of the survey, however, after the survey has been submitted you will not be able to withdraw your responses as we will not know which dataset belongs to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Karsten Zegwaard (

We thank you in advance – we value hearing your views and appreciate your time.

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Karsten Zegwaard and Katharine Hoskyn (New Zealand), Judie Kay and Sonia Ferns (Australia), Kristina Johansson (Sweden), and Norah McRae (Canada).

(this survey has ethical approval from the University of Waikato, #FSEN-2017-8)

* 1. Gender:

* 2. What is your age?

* 4. What best describes your current employment?
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* 5. Are you employed:

* 6. What best describes your highest level of qualification?

* 7. What best describes your place of work?

* 8. How many years have you been involved with WIL?

* 9. Do you have any formal qualifications in educational studies?

* 10. Do you have a mentor or a peer-support group knowledgeable in WIL?

* 11. Does your country have a national (or cross-national) WIL association?

* 12. If your country has a national/cross-national association, do they offer professional development opportunities in WIL?

* 13. Have you had professional development specific to WIL before?

* 14. Does your workplace offer professional development opportunities in WIL?

* 15. How supportive do you feel your workplace would be of you undertaking professional development in WIL?

* 16. To what extent do you feel you need professional development in WIL?

* 17. To what extent do you have easy access to WIL professional development opportunities?

* 18. Would you like to undertake a NON CREDIT bearing certificate in WIL?

* 19. Would you like to undertake a CREDIT bearing certificate in WIL?

* 20. Please indicate which topic(s) would interest you for professional development
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* 21. Out of the same list above, please indicate your top three topic preferences  
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* 22. Thinking about the delivery format of a professional development opportunity, what would work best for you in your current work context?  
(tick as many as you want)

* 23. Thinking about the time commitment, what would work best for you?
(tick no more than two)

* 24. Do you have any other comments about professional development needs in WIL?

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Thank you for completing the survey, we greatly appreciate you sharing your views!