Survey towards international visitors of Stockholmia 2019

Hi! We are two students from Södertörns University in Stockholm. We are currently writing our examination paper and therefore studying international philatelics who are coming to Stockholm, Sweden to participate in Stockholmia 2019.

We are interested in knowing what you would like to experience while visiting Stockholm, besides the exhibition. In order for us to gain a deeper understanding about preferences and what is important to you, we created this online survey.
By participating in this study, you provide us with important information that we can incorporate in our paper. The survey is anonymous and your answers will only be used in this examining paper.
Many thanks and best wishes,
Eliza and Anna

* 1. What is your country of residence?

* 2. Specify your age

* 3. Are you traveling alone or in company?

* 4. Have you visited Stockholm before?

* 5. Describe the image you have of Stockholm with at least one word

* 6. What would you or your traveling companion like to experience in Stockholm, besides the exhibition?

* 7. Would you or your traveling companion appreciate a booking service provided by Stockholmia?

* 8. Do you consider it important to receive information about what you can experience when visiting Stockholm? If yes, please specify how you would like to recieve the information.

* 9. Would you appreciate a package solution with tourist activities presented to you?

* 10. Is there anything you would like to add that's important to you when visiting Stockholm, that has not been asked in this survey? (That does not concern the venue or exhibition)