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* 1. It all started at the embassy of a European country where you were invited, as you know a minor official there. It was a drinks and mingling event to celebrate the renovation of the property. There, you were introduced to Mr. H, a very well-respected representative for a government-owned public company in a Central Asian nation. He was very entrepreneurial himself, and had five or six small companies that he was involved in, he told you, while still being a high-level manager at the large telecom company. After a few more meetings during his many visits to Stockholm, you were invited to give your advice on a few matters. You told him your opinion and heard very little for a while.

However, a month ago he called you on a bad line, and was very excited. The deal had become a huge success and his boss, the minister for telecom, was very happy. Your friend had told his minister about your advice and what a fantastic person you were, and now, the minister was eager to make sure to do business with you. Such honest and good advice was something their nation needed, he said.

Then your friend turns up in Stockholm once more. He claims that the minister wants to offer your company a five-year contract of 1 million euro. To get the deal, you just had to meet up with his boss, the minister, when he comes to Stockholm on other errands. It would be prudent, however, your friend said, if two things could be arranged first.

The minister wants nice accommodations for his two-week stay in Stockholm, preferably a private villa. If you, with your local contacts, could arrange for that, and perhaps also some servants (butlers, drivers, etc), and some suitable entertainment.

Secondly, he hands you an invoice in English, from a company in Belize. He says it is 25.000 euro for legal fees, your share of the legal costs for the actual contract which should be split equally among the parties. The fee isn’t due until after a week after the actual signing of the contract.