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* 1. You are all having a great time at the start-up. You are first at the office, turning the lights on by 6am, and then they start coming in. The coders are the last to arrive, just before the daily meeting at 10am. On the other hand, when you leave around 6 in the evening, they are still there, and it’s rare that anyone will go home before 8. You have a big plush mascot in a corner, a well-stocked fridge with beer and champagne (for celebrating!) and a great lounge area with an Xbox and free snacks. It’s all good, and everyone likes it, at least that’s your opinion.

You are now about to deliver a new project to a client that could become very important for your company. You have noticed that people don’t stay as late as they used to, and you can see some signs for wear. At the same time, the client has asked for a few more features to be added in last minute. They are happy to pay extra for them and has made clear that if you can deliver on their expectations in that matter, a new, bigger project, will be initiated as soon as the first one is done. That project alone would double your annual turnover.

So – how do you go about this?