Women face more difficulties than men, when establishing and running a business. This is observed mainly in access to finance, networking, and reconciling business and family.

WE GROW, an EU funded project, will support Women Entrepreneurs from Greece, Croatia, Belgium, and Sweden through direct project-specific support with advice, training, and coaching to better prepare for successful participation in the SME Instrument (offering from €50k to €2.5 million in R&D funding).

This survey will allow us to select the companies suitable to be supported by WE GROW. Please answer the questions to your best knowledge. Mandatory questions are marked with an asterisk (*).

If you have questions about WE GROW, please contact our coordinator, Katerina Papadouli papadouli@praxinetwork.gr or visit the project's website: womenentrepreneurs.eu

* 1. Please give us your contact information

* 2. Is your company a SME?

Please use the following for a self-assessment:  SME assessment tool
Further information can be found in this SME Guide for the European Commission

* 3. Is your company owned (fully or partly) by a woman?

* 4. Which sector(s) are you active in?

* 5. Do you have experience with applying for R&D funding?

* 6. If yes, are you familiar with the SME Instrument?

* 7. Are you member of any supporting network?

* 8. Have you used European Enterprise Networks services?

* 9. Do you have a project idea (product, process and/or service to be developed) for which you want to be funded?

* 10. What is your innovative Project idea?

* 11. Is your project idea TRL5 or above? Please indicate below

(see more information on TRL here: EU TRL definition)

* 12. What is the remaining development necessary?

* 13. Who owns the idea? Does your company has a freedom to operate as far as the intellectual assets / IP are concerned ?

* 14. What kind of activities do you need funding for?

* 15. What is your target market?

* 16. What is the size of your target market?

* 17. Could you describe your competition briefly?

* 18. What are your competitive advantages and disadvantages?

* 19. Who is going to buy/use your innovation (final user)?